RedM login impossible

Hello, when i try to launch RedM, they ask me to login whith an unknown e mail… i have red dead on my steam and i already role play one or two years ago… how can i change it plz…

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Were you able to fix this issue? I am having the same issue right now.

Yes i use support on rockstar and they change it … 2 days to do it… it was a hacker…

Hi I also have this issue, its just my email is fine and when I log in it says that it can’t send me a validation email. I can log in the rockstar launcher with no problem but when RedM asks me log in to the launcher I can’t get through…

Also facing this problem. Can log into rockstar/rdr2 normally but RedM can’t figure it’s shit out.

Вам необходимо проверить целостность файлов вашего windows с помощью командной строки ) поможет 100 %

I uninstalled RedM and RDR2 - then reinstalled (in this order) RDR2 and then RedM. I still get the same issue when attempting to load RedM. I can play RDR2 just fine - and I can access the social club in a browser just fine as well.

I was able to fix this problem. I have gta5 on r* launcher and was already signed in. I signed out of r* launcher, and closed it. Tried RedM again and it brought me to your screenshot. I signed in, it gave me a verification email error. I hit retry and it had me try to sign in again. I signed in again, this time it actually sent a verification email. I continued forward using the verification code, it then had me verify I’m not a robot and now I’m in.