🌴 RedlineRP - Realistic, vMenu + Economy, Live Anywhere, +150 Custom Vehicles, Actively Developed, Great Community, Serious Roleplay

Who are we?

Redline is an established roleplay community that was founded on the 22-th february in 2021, aiming to bring a optimized, logical and enjoyable roleplay experience to the FiveM platform. After starting from beginning and having no players, we have reached 15 players in game, these are only couple days in week, but we have enough players 24/7, we are still looking for different timezone players, specially for Whitelisted jobs.

Redline aims to be realistic, meaning we try to keep everything within the lore of the Los Santos and the Grand Theft Auto universe. We’re always scouring the wiki to see how we can relate new features and ideas with existing lore.

Our Goals


2021 :

Bring alot of players and reach 32 limit, if needed, make it also bigger, collecting different department workers & ideas from different citizens, we dont have alot of goals, but we are still a great & happy to see everyone in the city!

What does Redline have to offer?

Main Features:

  • Alot of departments to join, what are all connected with each other
  • Realistic Economy
  • Great Anti-cheat
  • 5 different drug processing
  • Passive income methods
  • Realistic characters
  • Realistically trained departments
  • Custom Clothing and Uniforms for different jobs
  • Custom Vehicles & Vehicle Modifications from mechanics
  • Cool customized fishing & Pizza delivery jobs

Whitelist Jobs:

  • LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)
  • BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff’s Office)
  • SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol )
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
  • P’TOW ( Patrick’s Tow ) [ Coming On ]
  • LSFR (Los Santos Fire Rescue) [ Coming On ]

Jobs / Activities

  • Fishing (Rent a boat & Sell fish)
  • Pizza Delivery (Get a moped and deliver the pizzas)
  • Drug Dealer (Harvest & Process drugs & sell them)
  • Trucker (Work as trucker)

Contact / Discord

Join our big discord server, where you can get all needed information for being an citizen of RedlineRP:

Join us today IP:

Have fun!


Thanks for taking an interest of Redline, we hope to see you soon!

  • Redline Developing Team