[REDESIGN][ESX] esx_kashacters redesign

Hello everyone

today i want to release my redesign of esx_kashacter.

I tried bulma.io for the first time as a frontend css framework and I am relatively satisfied.



Don’t forget the readme in the html folder

credits to the author of kashacter.


Nice Redesign Boss

Nice work; Well designed :smiley:


It Is Broken

No, you haven’t been reading the readme

This is best by far redesign i’ve personally ever seen

Please can you create a tutorial for install?
Where i must use this?

Install with [npm] (https://www.npmjs.com/):

Thank you

Hi i have read the Readme but its not very helpfully i dont realy get what you mean with npm install can you explain this a bit more ?

have you wiped your database of any player data?

If not that maybe the issue and if that is not the factor then have you done the stuff within the server.lua?

Can someone help me, i get this black screen https://prnt.sc/uy0x5e

Hello there! is it ok for me to redesign this release and use it on my server?.

Don’t use this script!
It’s SQL Injectable. Hackers can and will drop your database if you install this resource. You need to change all the connections / queries with the database to use this script!

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Thanks for the report. I thought I had already installed the fixed version. Should now be fixed.

And next time please write an issue on github. I see that faster :slight_smile: