[RedEM:RP / VORP / Standalone] RedM Weapon Maintenance

New update v1.1.3:


  • Added weapon malfunctions (experimental, *only in RedEM:RP/VORP).
  • Tweaked props saving in VORP integration (this simplify whole integration process).


New update v1.1.4 :

  • Added syn scripts compatibility (*experimental feature | *only in VORP | read README.md before using)
  • Added malfunction sound effect (*only in RedEM:RP/VORP).
  • Fixed tranferring weapons bug in VORP.
  • Fixed pickups bug in VORP.
  • Removed AllowPermDegraded and DisableConditionRestoration features.

New update v1.1.5 :

  • Fixed malfunctions bug that enables shooting jammed weapon on horse/vehicle.

Is there a possibility that only gunsmith can repair the weapons?

Is the language of the script english? Because in your preview it was another language.

Do I need an item to clean the weapon?

I cant enter your discord. The accept button dowsnt work.

Are you can convert to rsg? Pls DM me :slight_smile:

It is possible to do that, but weapons are degrading very fast (if you enter water for some time weapon gets rusty very fast). So it only makes sense when permanent degradation system is gonna be made (it is planned in next updates). Also script is using in-game text lables so every text is based on game language (except malfunction notification which can be changed via config). Item requirement is optional and can be enabled/disabled via config.

Thank you for the latest update, everything is working properly now! The state of weapons is now saved when they are stored in syn_ scripts’ chests.

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Your discord dont work, also keep getting Failed to load script @redm_weapon_maintenance/patches/vorp_inventory.lua, i followed the instructions.

Is there anyway to reduced weapon degration? weapons are getting dirty pretty fast

Hey, if you’re getting Failed to load script @redm_weapon_maintenance/patches/vorp_inventory.lua error on client side then it’s fine. To reduce weapon degradation you can use RedM Native Reference native.

I got a problem with the script, if players use tab, they can clean weapon by there. Its possible to turn that off?

Heya, bought your very cool script (open source one, going to add explosion chance to degridation) but I can’t join your Discord. When hitting “Accept” it says in red underneath “! This interaction failed”.

We opted to use the syn scripts compatibility (added in April, which is why Discord would’ve been handy, as this comment section has no info on it thus far):

“It is recomended to use /rwm_initweaponsid command at first launch (!!! ONLY IN THE SERVER CONSOLE !!!).”

When we type in ‘/rwm_initweaponsid’ in the TXAdmin server, it returns: “[cmd] No such command /rwm_initweaponsid.”

Interesting? I bought the open source version and its all encrypted still? So what is different between the two versions??

Edit* This was a mistake and was fixed quickly, great support and great script so far

Need RSG Framework support with rsg-weapons

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New update v1.1.8:

  • Updated patches for vorp_inventory v3.1+.

so just downloaded and it appears to be an error

the new VORP system is not called vorp_inventoryApi is called vorpinventoryApi no underscore.

could you update this as i dont have the open source version

is there anyway you can add a config option to toggle the degration speed. It seems it ticks down pretty fast. Use gun only a little bit and needs cleaned already.

I have an issue where if you are dual wielding, you cant maintain your second gun so if you unequip and then clean that one the other revolver you were holding shares the same condition.

Hey, this native should work 0x11A7FF918EF6BC66 ( _SET_WEAPON_DEGRADATION_MODIFIER)

Hey, fix for dual wielding is planned.

New update v1.1.9:

  • Updated patches for vorp_inventory v3.X.