RedEM: Roleplay gamemode | The roleplay gamemode for RedM

How to add chat? Because i dont have chat for now.

It’s in cfx-server-data

I’m stuck here.

start the server one time with empty database named redemrp (without any data and tables). ONLY AFTER THAT import any sql files.

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hi i have problem when i click on startserver.bat then this error appeard someone help me .

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I’m afraid that this is not related to RedEM, but rather to ESX. An Addon for FiveM, not RedM.

Please help.
An error occurred while playing.
What’s happening? How do I fix it?
I’m a beginner. :frowning:

Did you set and run your mysql server? If so, you should enter the password in your server.cfg In addition, you should import .sql files that come with the resource to your sql/redemrp.


i get this same error… do u got the solution?

sorry i’m new to this and pretty much getting far to it to work i had it working but i could not see my character or save it but now i have this error and the bat file giving me a script error citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler,lua:955 no such export getplayerfromid in resource redemrp_roleplay you can DM me if you want to help me sorry for all this

you must set the password on mysql string from config file… maybe that missing

Can someone help me i got everything working but every time I join my server or die i lose my gun also is there a way to put my hands up it seems that is missing

First let me say I appreciate everything you have done to this community to help, we look forward to being able to play this as a community. Second, let me dive into our current problem.

We use zap, zap does not allow us to create our own DB names. I have followed the install instructions and end up on a load screen for the characters every time we try. The error we are getting is regarding the name of the database we use which we cannot rename to redemrp. Thus no matter what we do it seems we cannot get any of the DB to be created upon startup. Is there a way to change the name of the required DB that I am not seeing? If not, is there a way you could make it so there is a variable that can be changed in the config file?

Helpless and Hopefull :stuck_out_tongue:

For those interested in this problem, you need to go into the sql files and rename the sql database to whatever you are using in sql1-5 and the sv_db file in the folder before that. Any questions and i’ll get more detailed. However, got it working on zap.

I still suggest you make this a changeable thing in the config file for simple use.

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Set game to rdr.
add this line your .cfg file on top

set gamename rdr3

How i fix it ?
SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/sheduler.lua:867: No such export getPlayer FromId in resource redem_roleplay?

I need some help from this wonderful community. I just started a Zap Hoster RedM Linux Server and I can create a character but when creating them they are always invisible. I cannot see the character at all during creation and if I move the camera around the character will be invisible playing as them with the camera floating in the air until I reload RedM and connect back to the server.

Let me know if you can help.