Red Streaks across top of monitor

Reborn loads just fine then when the server pops up there are multiple red line streaks just at the top which die out towards the middle top. Then it just crashes without an error.

Anyone know why??? GTA V runs perfectly but when I run FiveReborn it does this.

It has started today.

Try to look for your error first before posting please.

This isnt it but I figured it out! Thanks.

@bigfunk13 So what solved your issue? for others having the same issue.

@bigfunk13 said in Red Streaks across top of monitor:

This isnt it but I figured it out! Thanks.

Could you recreate the error + post a screenshot + the fix since this can be looked into?

Now I am getting small horizontal black lines at the very top. Kind of like the red except I dont crash and each time I try to take a screenshot it doesnt show up.

Here is the fix:

@bigfunk13 Thats the fix for the Red lines ^^ not sure about the black lines.

Getting the black lines as well.

Font-Renderer issue, will be fixed in the next update for the client.