Red Rock, WA Realism RP (Australian)

Hello everyone! We are looking for people to join our brand new server, Its run by 3 people who have spent over 2 years developing and planning the server, with many ups and downs but we are finally ready to release a stable state of the server. we BADLY need Police, EMS, Fire dept. along with, Car dealer, mechanics, night club owners, NRMA. Please join our discord if you are interested or want to check anything out, once again please note this is a new server run by 3 people who have worked to no end to make our dream RP server. It is based in WA (Western Australia) with a few things mixed from NSW such as callout codes, liveries and other minor things. Please give us feed back and any notes as we are more than happy to hear it!. Thank you so much for reading this and considering our server for your RP experience. The discord will be linked down below! ^-^

[DISCLAIMER: This NOT a menu server There is an economy.