Red Dead RP



The team at Red Dead RP invite you to join our growing economy based RP community.
Play as a solo player or a gang of up to 5 and engage with streamers & high quality roleplayers with a variety of jobs & activities in a laid back welcoming environment.

We’re pushing updates daily and are officially now past our Beta and in v1 Live, Our community is waiting for you today!
UPDATE JAN 2023 – We’re starting back up with a fresh discord and continuing using the old QBCore framework. JOIN TODAY!!
Our Discord: Click To Join!

We have now pushed versions and are now Live v1.
Join our fast growing community with a plethora of activities and RP potential.

  • More Fences to support transitional RP AOPs
  • More Gun Stores
  • Gun Catalog Base Complete (Thanks to RexShack Gaming)
  • Immersive Stagecoach System v1.0
  • More Horses in stable system
  • More Stable Locations
  • AI Bounties
  • Bathing system (Pushed, Incoming fix for clothing removal)
  • Weather system & Live forecast with OneSync synchronization
  • Basic Housing System(All Buildings fixed) -(Kitchen system will be linked when cooking system is complete)
  • Healing from Player Owned Homesteads
  • Moonshine Activity (Thanks to RexShack Gaming)
  • Bandages/Healing
  • Proximity Player Cash Trading
  • Weather/Clothing Effects On Health
  • Online Player List
  • Reworked Gameworld environment(imap Configuration) - Thanks to MadScurvy for your contributions.
  • Full Staff & Community Management System
  • Logging/Lumberjack Activities
  • Discord API Integration
  • Coach Rental System
  • Complete Hunting
  • Player/Object Scenario Interactions
  • LEO_Framework Basic
  • Lanterns & Torches
  • Improvements To Inventory and Useable items
  • Complete Fishing
  • Red Dead RP Live Version(Out of Beta - v1.0)
  • Pet/follower System
    RP_Bounties(PvP) - DELAYED
    Complete_Cooking - DELAYED
    [Extensible Crafting System] - Coming Soon
    [PlayerBlips visible by role(e.g Police blips)] - Coming soon
    [Expanded Jailing] - Coming soon
    [Gambling_Expansions] - Coming soon
    Pet System

  • RDR-RP Code Of Honor

Maintain respect for all members of the Community(Zero tolerance for Racist/Derogatory or malicious comments/RP towards any member of the community) -Immediate Ban
Bug Abuse/Hacking(GameServer, RDRP services or Users)/Modding will not be toleratedPerm Ban
REDM Server Poaching(In either direction) is not accepted within the communityWarning/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Maintain Believable RP at all times on the serverInformal Warning/Warning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Griefing/Spawn killing/RDM/HDM(Horse) is not permittedWarning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Law Enforcement impersonation is not permittedWarning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Bounties may not be claimed/hunted unless you have the bounty hunter roleWarning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Remain in AOP if one is assigned(unless conducting solo activities that force you outside AOP(e.g Train Rides)Informal warning/Warning/Kick/Temp or Perm Ban
Creating priority RPs during an active priority or cooldown is not permittedWarning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Any form of Rape or Sexual Abuse RP will not be tolerated(However LightTorture RP is accepted providing both parties consent)Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Forced RP is generally frowned within any RP community therefore is not acceptedInformal Warning/Warning/Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm ban
Extended AFK(Playtime has an effect on the economy of the server therefore it’s not accepted) - Kick/Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Abandoning RP during a scene(logging) - If you genuinely lose connection please reach out in the discord - Temporary Ban/Perm Ban
Transferring wealth between characters is accepted provided its not with intent to gain an unfair advantage within the economy (RP only characters) - Temp Ban/Perm Ban

Whilst we always strive for education over punishment, There may be cases where gross breaches of the rules may result in an instant ban or kick, We don’t take this action lightly and do so for community safeguarding purposes.
Punishment Levels are at the discretion of the overseeing member of staff and can be appealed in all instances. Appeals will be reviewed by the staff team in it’s entirety and all judgments after that fact are final. Community Support are ultimately players first and staff second,
We will not tolerate malicious/negative behaviour towards them that choose not to deal with an issue immediately. if you have an issue you should use the /report [ID] [reason] in the first instance. Users found approaching staff members in game or outside /report or #staff-support relating to issues or disputes will be subject to disciplinary action.

You must be 16+ to be involved in LEO roles & Mature rated RP(AI bounties activity excluded), We will have an extended T&C document that will need to be agreed to by a guardian prior to exemption of this rule, This is a legal requirement in the UK & The European Union, And as such the Red Dead RP Staff are unable to make exemptions unless terms are met.*

Our Discord: Click To Join!

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Bump :slight_smile: We’re still expanding! With over 125 Members now!
Lots of weekly updates.

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looks nice


Thanks :slight_smile:
We’re at 360 members(at time of writing) and growing fast!

Update! in just a month we’ve doubled our player base with over 600 on the discord!
Come join in on the fun!

I’m impressed you’ve toughed it out this entire time. How is the server looking these days? I want a nice full experience but with some worth while RP.

Nearing 1000 Members!!
We’re revamping this project and bringing live our second iteration of RDRP coming February 2022!!

We have moved over to QB-Core!
Come check it out!

How’s it working out?

Coming along real nice!

lots more yet to come

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Starting this project back up and maintaining the old OBCore framework.

Got most of it working and plan to launch in a couple of weeks, so come join today! plenty of positions open.

Really looking forward to this coming back around. The interactions and in game content/scripts added/developed were just awesome for the immersion!

Thanks brother! Can’t wait to get this going! Nearly there!