Red Dead Nation - Serious Roleplay with RPG Elements | Choose a class (Hunter, Pioneer, Gunslinger, Native) | Skillsystem | Camps & Posses | Housing w/ Furniture | Click to see more!

Name: Red Dead Nation


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There are 4 unique classes that a player will choose when creating their character. Gunslinger, Hunter, Pioneer and Native. All have their own unique traits and unlocks but the Native class operates much different. Natives will play a sort of antagonist throughout the experience and will have the ability to destroy camps and other things but also have limitations as to how often and where they can build camps. At the moment it’s an invite only class in order to control the amount of people, as well as the quality of people, that will be playing this part.


  • Unique quests/storyline that we will explore as we go

  • Unique class and skill system with progression rewards (gives it an RPG feeling)

  • Unique items/crafting recipes that can only be found through treasure hunts or completing missions/jobs

  • Camp and Posse system completely coded by me, better than the paid ones

  • Tons of interactive camp items as well as 100’s of craftable furniture items to decorate your camp/home

  • Craftable hats that require specific (perfect) pelts

  • Chop certain trees anywhere on the map!

  • Sell raw materials or craft things using your camp objects (to sell or use!)

  • All your standard gunsmithing/saloon owning jobs but there are many more you can create yourself

[Moonshine/Drugs]: Anyone can make moonshine but you first need to make the Mash. There is a spot somewhere on the map that allows you to process moonshine mash and heroin from opium (heroin requires a recipe). There are also better moonshine recipes that can be used to create better ($$) versions of moonshine.

[Unique Recipes/Items]:
Some things will require a recipe which can only be found by selling carcasses(found in the stomach), completing bounties(when collecting evidence), hunting jobs (after turning it in) as well as from treasures that randomly spawn on your map (make sure you have a shovel first) Items (so far) that require a recipe item: • Heroin
• Redflame Moonshine
• Blueflame Moonshine
• 100kg Storage Chest (consumes on craft)
• 200kg Storage Chest (consumes on craft)

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Our first event as a community.

My first RedM Release! A script where you can raise pets and they will help you hunt, among other things!

Mnay more updates since my last post!

Best server out there!

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