Recommendation for server box?

So I was wondering if anyone recommends anywhere for a server box (obviously to host this mod), looking for one that has good performance so it doesn’t run like shit and one that has no problems since you’ve been using it. Something cheap and cheerful would be good but any recommendations would be great!

The reason for wanting to make my own if any of you are wondering is because me and the people I play with were big on RP in stuff like A3L and all that stuff, and when finding servers that are on there atm they just lack RP massively so hopefully be able change that a bit on my own server.

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This is not a suggestion for FiveReborn.


We at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.com offer FiveReborn servers at affordable rates, in Canada, USA and throughout europe (UK, France, Germany, NL and Italy) You can rent one from us. Server’s are setup within minutes of purchase, no manual installation required, tweak via our game control panel interface. No need to rent a full box to host

your hosting sucks have been having problems since my first day you guys gave me the same ip as a different server and my server does not want to show on the server list and does not want t o direct connect