Rebirth Roleplay | Custom Scripts | Active Developer's & MLO/Vehicle/Clothing Dev's

Discord: Rebirth Roleplay

$25k Starting Cash

Rebirth we expect those who join to provide top quality RP at all times, however, we understand that newcomers can be lost and confused when it comes to the endless amount of mechanics and possibilities FiveM has to offer, don’t worry we’re here to help and welcome you! we heavily focus on story arcs, character development everything that provides roleplay. We also have a twitch community that stream! if you want to be apart of a family type community then come check out Rebirth.


Rewards system

Custom Built Framework

-Player Properties / Housing

-Monthly community meetings (Talking about the /current development/issues/ideas from the community)


-Active gangs

-Active EMS/PD

-Custom Weapon’s

-Lots of Import cars

-Very active & Custom racing

-Banks/Jewelry store/Bank trucks/stores/houses robberies

-Apartment storage

-Selling drugs Weed/Meth/lsd/coke

-Lots of Custom Clothing

-Jobs (listed below)

-Car salesman

-Mechanic Shop




-Police Departments LSPD, BCSO & SASP

-Normal jobs



-Weazel News

-Tow trucking


-Lot more not listed

We are excited for the future of Rebirth, we are going to good place. come join us we hope to have some amazing roleplay with everybody, see you in the city and in discord soon


Looking for more dev’s and cops

Really fun city lots to offer. Between Crims and Civs there so much to do and you find time going by way to fast. Really warm welcoming community and staff. With amazing devs that push out so much content between cars and and jobs to do. Come stop by and take your chances

Some of our civilians like having trains ran on them!