Rebel Cityhall | Advanced Cityhall Script [QB / ESX / OX / CUSTOM]

:star2: Rebel Cityhall | Advanced Cityhall Script for all servers! :star2:

Watch Preview Video Here :movie_camera:

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:white_check_mark: Works for all servers
:fire: Unlimited Jobs
:hammer_and_wrench: External Application Links
:star2: Beautiful UI
:zap: 0 Resmon Usage
:hammer_and_wrench: Easy Configuration


:bulb: Rebel Lib - [FREE]

Supported Frameworks:

:wrench: QBCore
:wrench: ESX
:wrench: OX
:wrench: Standalone/Custom

Supported Target Systems:

:wrench: No Target System (drawtext)
:wrench: ox_target
:wrench: qb-target
:wrench: bt-target
:wrench: q-target

Choose The Perfect Package For You:

:small_blue_diamond: Test it out with a 1 Month Subscription, it’s only $4.90 - Link
:small_blue_diamond: Get the Escrowed Version for $14.90 - Link
:small_blue_diamond: Opt for the Open-Source Version at $44.90, granting complete customization freedom - Link

Code is accessible Yes & No
Subscription-based Yes & No
Lines (approximately) +1000
Support Yes