Realism Server Looking for Highly Motivated Law Enforcement

San Andreas Island Life is a serious and realistic community looking to give the highest level roleplay experience. We at San Andreas Island Life are dedicated to bringing the highest level of realism and professionalism to our players. Each of our law enforcement agencies are run by currently active IRL law enforcement with over 3 decades of combined law enforcement experience. Our server also features FivePD, allowing law enforcement to interact with AI civilians in the lull between civilian interactions. We currently have three active law enforcement agencies, all with open positions to be filled.

The agencies we maintin:

  • California Highway Patrol - Small focused office of the California Highway Patrol with Island-wide jurisdiction, aggressive traffic and highway enforcement as well as crash scene investigations.

  • Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department - Primary support agency for the whole of the island with patrol jurisdiction of everything south of Route 68. Maintaining a small patrol presence, housing and servicing the island’s air assets, marine assets, and K9 trained deputies.

  • Los Santos Police Department - Metropolitan law enforcement and the primary patrol presence within Los Santos city limits. Focusing on uniformed patrol and community policing with an emphasis on proactive policing. Also maintaining a small division of civilian parking enforcement officers.

We are always always looking for civilian dispatchers.

If you think you’re up to the task, feel free to drop by our discord and speak to any of our LEOs. Not interested in law enforcement? Feel free to stop by and try out our other factions or just create your own story!