Real Life Roleplay now has a ban system

Real Life Roleplay now has a ban script, that bans by IP, so if you catch a cheater or rule breaker, report it in-game and that person’s IP will be banned and he/she will no longer be able to join the server with that IP. There will very soon be a /ban (name) (reason) command added so players with that right can ban while server is running.


@cody196 what’s the Rules ?

I can’t find your server… is it on?

@cody196 Good move, posting the rules like that - aside from literally drawing a metaphorical line in the sand over what’s acceptable (haven’t read them yet, but kinda suspect there’s a sound balance involved), if you’ve changed the MOTD of the server to point to the rules url and make it known on the MOTD that users should view first before entering a session (so implying a regular check for changes/familiarity) and that ignorance of the rules is not excusable, then ensure that the follow up to rule breaches are acted on swiftly (as is feasible, after all - you have a life outside of the server maintenance), then you’ll have done as much as is feasible.

I’ll have a look for familiarity value anyway, not that i use your RP server - but forewarned is forearmed.

As a closing thought, maybe i should add a thread/FYI to help people with a little additional wisdom over writing rules and suchlike for multi-lingual translation and subsequently keeping the root version clear and unambiguous for the person who understands the root version but not the slang and colloquial references that tend to creep in - especially when people use a more informal conversational tone to how they write.

@cody196 Can you make the ban script public, for everyone to enjoy? :slight_smile:

@prefex We are currently banning by blacklist, which i cannot release, but I am hard working on a admin panel system and Rights Config, etc

@Mikeeh Server is down, will be back up later tonight.

@cody196 - just a couple of notes to consider ->

Rule 3: This basically contradicts itself, and is ambiguous - if it read more like "FiveM Trainer (original, or either ‘Enhanced’ edition mod menu is allowed but no abuse with it; Will be told to remove extra trainers, or permanent ban since no other mod menus are permitted for use on the server’.

Rule 4: Ambiguous references issue as ‘MetaGaming’ and ‘PowerGaming’ isn’t so good - remember that not all users have a grasp of English that makes those terms entirely compatible with direct equivalents in other languages. I mean, it’s reasonably universal to hardened RPG players, especially those of us who’s RPG gaming goes back to paper and dice, but in most other more recent terms, those are only really recognised easily by those used to DeathMatch gaming (not RPG’ing).

In general, there’s a lot of reference to OOC communication and action - again, not something of a term that’s always immediately obvious to it’s meaning or reference. Remember you have to allow for the two-sec attention span factor with such things, as they are unavoidable factors.

Oh, and if you are going down the hardcore RPG route with compulsory OOC communication and action, you may as well go the whole distance - get people to register/publish persona/character details, history, and all the usual RPG character detail so that what is legit in-character actions and methods are legitimately distinguishable from OOC actions and not-applicable to character pass-offs as ‘in-character’ actions. In other words, if you are going to go down the DM/GM route of enforcing ‘in character’ and scenario/campaign type rules, either do the rest of the necessary evils or don’t bother, otherwise it just looks half-hearted effort at playing at pseudo deity for the pleasure of it (and all us hardened RPG’ers know that kind all too well).

Clearly, it’s your beast and monster - tame it your way. But if your methods drive people away, and let’s face it… that’s not really a good thing, it’s time to compromise or at least revise the rules to encourage fun and semi-serious interaction. After all, RL RPGing isn’t necessarily all about mirroring RL to the nth degree of rules and social conduct, it is still a game.