[READ ME] 4 Devs and Fully Custom Server | Once in a lifetime opportunity

We’re here to offer up what might as well be a free server to an already active-ish community…

If you’re tired of your garbage ESX server and want to play with the big boys, give me a shout - We’ve built a few of these custom servers in the past & this is the best one yet… all the fun features that you’ve never seen before…

  • Complete player owned business integration
  • Complete housing system, with storage system, garages, market value adjustment for prices, renting to tenants
  • Complete stock market system, influenced by player owned corporations
  • Whitelisted player owned corporations and jobs that influence the market value of items in game
  • Full player to player barter system that is deeply integrated into the base workings of the framework to allow player self-determination of the server’s economic landscape
  • Real jobs, that don’t make you stand in a series of circles for five minutes at a time while you beat your meat to really poorly edited knock off brazzers films in 480p
  • A real, working anti-cheat… being that I’m kind of the godfather of mass-maliciousness, I know a thing or two about how to stop the skids
  • Custom vehicle handling that’s been tuned to the T, and has been in development and under player criticism for over 3 years.
  • Full banking system that is incorporated into all point of sale systems in all player owned businesses, default shops, and other areas of monetary transaction.
  • Player factions done properly, full player organizations with activities ( of your choice ) and assignable jobs and faction traits such as carjacking, armed robberies of other player stores, gun running, vehicle “repossession, deconstruction and resale” and much more.
  • A framework interaction system, and system of menus that don’t look like a 13 year old got too drunk and projectile vomited all over the bathroom wall.
  • The ability to put ‘custom’ in your server name, and not be every other beta male boo-foo toad who copypasted ESX and cried in the FiveM discord about a lack of resource support.

You kind of have to see it to believe it.


Web Assets : Click Here!

In Game Screenshots : Click Here!

In Game Videos : Coming Soon!

We’re not looking for money, just a playerbase that’s looking for a good, solid and constantly changing framework to enjoy. You can staff it as you please, and operate it as you please.

You might be thinking — Why the frick don’t you just make your own community? — Well, no. Running a community has more than just paying for a server. We want success. Well, on FiveM we think the only way for that is paying for boost which, we’re not about. Other than that, we’re not here to babysit players that are being dumb.

This poorly written forum post isn’t a joke. Leave your resumes below.

By resume I mean, a reasonably operable way to contact you, that doesn’t require multiple failed captcha attempts and an usual case of genital soreness that doctors cannot diagnose.

Thank you


@ioerror @JPaps @SkidPaps @Golphino @elvar333

PS : We fully comply with the FiveM ToS and will not accept or ask for any sort of payments (even for hosting).


Server owner requested this to be closed.

This is a thing now I guess.

Update : Added some in game screenshots!
Future Update : Bunch of videos/gifs.