[Re-Release][ESX]Daily Rewards Updated 1.2 [15/2/20]

@Raw_Gaming how is the developing process? Any advances?

Things are going good iv a got a few bugs to address and sort but it’s looking promising

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Glad to hear. Hope to see the results soon

After i click claim reward daily_reward db gets updated and timer shows up on next click, but i do not get any actual message or reward. no errors as well.

How do we change the alignment of the popup on the bottom left to make it more towards the center?

how to show what you have received


Hoping for update

I have a update planed in the coming weeks as I’ve only been doing minor fixes I’m hoping to push out a new release but I’ve been slowed down due to Covid-19 sorry for the delays I’ve got some big plans for the rewards script and have a few new fresh scripts in the work


i got this error… how do i want to fix this?

how to make work distinction for reward? some ideas?

Same error. Did you fix it ?

Hi the script still works for me as long as your database is set up correctly please be aware if you have not set up the config file correct it will not work as u have to have the items in your database for this to work

I noticed the command wasn’t working even with the command enabled in the config, so I thought I would share my fix.

In server.lua on line 117 change

if Config.Command then

TriggerEvent(‘es:addCommand’, ‘daily’, function(source, args, user)

TriggerClientEvent("free:toggleFreeMenu", source, true)




if Config.Command then

RegisterCommand("daily", function(source, args, user)

TriggerClientEvent("free:toggleFreeMenu", source, true)



Hope this helps! :grinning:

not yet…

stuck here, please help

have this error

is there a way to not give them weapons? cause i dont like random ppl to own weapons lol

Is this script still in development would be nice to have a vehicle as a reward

Could some one Help with this please

SCRIPT ERROR: @rewards/server/server.lua:63: ‘for’ limit must be a number

claimRewards (@rewards/server/server.lua:63)
ref (@rewards/server/server.lua:107)

Anyone already converted this to qbus?