RC-ICE Casino | ESX - QBCore |

Hey, this is a great script, however I have 1 very big problem with it. The security of the script is TERRIBLE. It is possible to give and take money at will with one event on the server side. It would be nice if you could find a solution for this. :point_left:

Currently you can only buy the tablet because the update with the MLO is not yet available. The player can buy the tablet in a shop and then use it.

Hey thanks for your feedback and I will release a big bug fix this week where the security of the script will be significantly improved.

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I have stopped using it on my server, it is breaking the economy, the players are earning a lot of money, a very small number as I have my economy on my server, before rope all the economy decided to remove it from the server, less more than I bought to test it a month.

This could be because theres a way to get you wallet to unlimited so you can withdraw as much as you like. His aware of this issue and will fix

this type of bug would not happen, it leaves the server very screwed up in the economy,