Raycast GetPlayerPed

Hello I have to try to get back Ped of the player in front of me but I do not arrive there I managed to return one ID of the player " 5324 or another "12563 " thing(trick) of the kind(genre) when I am in front of a player but I do not manage to interact with this ID here is the function used would have you an idea please?

function getPlayerInDirection(coordFrom, coordTo)
	local rayHandle = CastRayPointToPoint(coordFrom.x, coordFrom.y, coordFrom.z, coordTo.x, coordTo.y, coordTo.z, 10, GetPlayerPed(-1), 0)
	local a, b, c, d, ent = GetRaycastResult(rayHandle)
	return ent

function GetRaycastResult(rayHandle)
return _in(0x3D87450E15D98694, rayHandle, _i --[[ actually bool ]], _v, _v, _i, _r)
Sorry for my bad English