Rappel Down Wall

Hi !
I just made a script wich allow players to rappel down walls but the action isn’t sync, the rope don’t exist on other clients.
Anyone know how to sync ropes without creating one using AddRope() on all clients ?
(With One sync enabled)
Preview : Rope

If you want it to be synced. it will have to spawned server-sided.
If others dont see it, you are spawning it client-sided.

Is it possible to create ropes server side ???

any news ?

Nope, still looking for a solution

I don’t believe it’s possible, the rope is done client sided and i cannot locate a server-sided native for it,

However you could have a client-sided rope with server-sided player syncing,

But other players still wouldn’t see the rope attached. unless in frame when the rope was attached unless I’m mistaken.

Alternatively you could have the ropes load in for all players on Player log in, but that will leave you with static ropes, and it’s resource intensive.

Best of luck if you do figure this out please let me know.

Also on this note, please check out this native.

this is probably closer to what you’re looking for.

I already tried this one, but I saw no differences. The rope still only spawn for the client which create it. If you managed to use it tell me.
I also looked in GtaV decompiled scripts like the fbi heist & casino too but I don’t find out how Rockstar do it