Rapid Fire Roleplay | Anyone Can Be Cop | https://discord.gg/rfrpofficial | Custom Cars + EUP + CAD | Hiring Admins | SAST | Public 24/7 Roleplay

Welcome to Rapid Fire Roleplay!

Discord - discord.gg/rfrpofficial

Teamspeak - RFRP - Yes, Thats it

Who are we?

We are a cutting edge roleplay server with custom cars, exclusive peds, & top of the line server scripts.

Weeks of diligent development, trial & error, and restless nights, have enabled us to produce a high performance FiveM Roleplay Community like no other. We have and will continue to work day and night to meet our vision of creating a safe, fun, & engaging roleplay environment where anyone is welcomed, regardless of race, age, sex, or experience.

Why are we the best?

Hours of intense development have enabled us to create exclusive departments, scripts, & models like no other.

  • San Andreas State Troopers

  • Customizable EUP for anyone

  • Anyone can be a cop

  • Top of the line car models

  • Custom liveries

  • YMAPS & Buildings

  • Active Members

  • Engaged Management

  • Hiring Admins

  • FivePD / VMenu Server

How can “anyone” be a cop?

We have enabled a friendly interface to allow newcomers to enjoy a quick, fun, & immersive policing experience with ease.

Step one to become a cop

  1. Join our Teamspeak and patrol out of the RTO channel, IP is RFRP

  2. Type /eup in game chat and select bcso metro. You may use a vest or duty belt of your choice, within reason

  3. Type /loadout in game chat to get all your guns & weapons

  4. Finally use spawncode newvic to get your patrol car

Want to join as a full Deputy?

Join our Teamspeak and wait in the “Waiting For Tags: Law Enforcement” channel for a Supervisor to assist you. If you are not promptly addressed by a supervisor, message any Supervisor on the server.






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Check Us out!

Can vouch, awesome server. Would recommend :slight_smile:


Check Us out! Growing Every Day!

Full Nightly, Still growing. Join our patrols :slight_smile:

keep growing, join the fun while u can

Join our Discord and Check us out

still growing every day. come join us!

Check Us out!

@TrainWreck Hey i have been in salt lake city utah for 8 months and i got back my brother was playing on my pc i changed my password i am banned from the server and disc i will make up for the stupid stuff he did idk what can i get unbanned? he wont play on my pc

ingame name?

Hey i really love the server just from the tiktoks and i am trying to join the discord because to be honest i have never been in the server and the discord when i press join it says Whoops am i banned or something i really want to join and RP with you guys love the server keep it up!

New server, plenty room for growth. Ran by experienced server owner. ran a successful server for 2 1/2 years.