Random crashes while playing online

So I’m new to FiveReborn :wink: and I really like it. I’m using a pirated version of GTA V (lol) and for some reason, I randomly crash sometimes while playing online. For example, about 5 minutes ago, I randomly crashed when two cops pulled me over. I don’t see any form of initiation to the crash, it just said “xxxxx.exe has stopped working.” Also, some textures and models take a while to load online for me. This might be normal but I just wanna make sure. I have a pretty decent PC that can play single player GTA V on Very High with about 50-60 FPS. Thanks for any help!

First and foremost, you’ll have issues getting support for pirated copies of GTA V. They are unsupported. Secondly, do you have any client side plugins installed in your /plugins folder? Visual settings? Etc… All of this could cause your crashing. I’d recommend removing your plugins and seeing if that causes any issues. For example, Player Location Display is a very common culprit when it comes to crashing in our community.


In my plugins, I only have the Enhanced Reborn Trainer. Too bad pirated copies don’t get full support :disappointed_relieved:

Why should they? Buy the fucking game, It’s only £19. Yes so you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you should download it ILLEGALLY off the internet.

Sheesh, calm down. If you disapprove so much, then why even bother replying to me?

Pirate copy - Locked.