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Error GTA5+A141F9

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A game error (at 0000000140a141fe) caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report has been uploaded to the FiveM developers.
If you require immediate support, please visit FiveM.net and mention the details below.

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Crash signature: fivem.exe+A141F9
Report ID: … [uploading?] (use Ctrl+C to copy)

No idea, you completely ignored the support template, please fill it out.


What template?

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GTA V version? Latest
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Social Club
Windows version? 10
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again? Yes
Error screenshot (if any) this error https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/592310308442210334/631109273761611797/unknown.png
System specifications VPS ? * 12x E5-2680V4

  • 96 Go Ram DDR4
  • 120 Go NVMe SSD
  • Anti-DDoS : Game
    What did you do to get this issue? I tried to reinstall my Five M so restart all resources one by one and nothing changes
    What server did you get this issue on? On my vps but it also does it on my local
    CitizenFX.log file
    .dmp files/report IDs

If an issue with starting:
GTA V folder screenshot
GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot
Filepath to FiveM folder
FiveM client folder screenshot
Did you try to disable/uninstall your Anti-virus?

Also add what you already tried so far.

Please also describe the issue you are having, providing as much information as possible will help us to help you. A good format you could use: what have you tried to do, what did you expect to happen and what actually happened.

kinda forgot the important stuff.

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