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Hello, I know it’s been a while since one of these was posted, so here’s what’s new!

  • Fixed an exploit when bagging weed
  • Increased LSD Prices
  • Increased Weed grow times to counterbalance other drug price changes
  • Increased chances of getting a sticky note from stores
  • Increased chances of getting rare items from store safes
  • New location/MLO for Western Motorcycles
  • Phone issue fix (you can have a burner again)
  • Fixed joints giving too much armor
  • More clothes and hairs (and more on the way)
  • Misc. Quality of life changes (item stacking, item weights)
  • Increased storage space on some vehicles
  • Fixed a race condition where you sometimes spawn as a ped (shout out to @sprinkles for the help!)
  • Car Controls (default keybind is , while we work on adding it to radial menu)
  • Adjusted some weapon crafting material costs so they make more sense
  • A new watch
  • Printing shop
  • Sit/Lean anywhere
  • Drift zone
  • Casino
  • Black screen mitigations for new fly ins

…and more!

Still hiring for EMS! Looking to fill all positions, especially high command :slight_smile:

UPDATE LOG [As of 6.02.2024]

Couple things to note this tsunami

  • Trailer Rental now available in Paleto Bay.
  • Trunk space increased across all vehicles.
  • Some more vehicles added to PDM!

Cool server cool people I been enjoying my time here 9.9/10 they wouldn’t let me have a pet bear but I managed to get a pet dog so we chillin if you lookin for a good server to meet some cool people this is the one.

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