Radiance lightning mod?

Is there any way to make the Radiance Emergency lights enchancer Work with fivereborn, and if yes how do i install it so fivereborn allows it to be used on servers?

Radiance mod needs to be placed in your mods folder as if you would normally install it but instead of directly in the game as most do, it goes into your mods folder and make sure to have openIV.asi in the plugins.

i have a mods folder in my GTA V ROOT Folder and in there the Radiance mod is included, but in fivereborn radiance is not enabled,

Do i need to place the Mods folder inside the fivereborn folder or something like that?

Any solution for this? I installed Radiance V. It’s working in my singelplayer but when I am joining fivereborn, it doesn’t work anymore.

Links…? links…? links…? Im not planning google-ing all these mods for you.

@Boss http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9357-radiance-v/

I saw people using this mod in fivereborn.
I tried for the last 3 hours but doesn’t work.

Singelplayer, no problem.
Fivereborn? Nothing. :frowning:

Hope somebodycan help

@jwbjnwolf YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I wasted 3 fucking hours yesterday and it was actually so easy. THANK YOU!!!

@Rayland-Wolve I cant find the solution, what was it?

@gamermarcel you need the mods folder in your game directory…tho, you copy the update+update.rpf some weird letters here … to your mods\update\ directory and rename it to update.rpf. or you might want to use 7zip and extract the update rpf directly to your mods folder.