Racist issue on server

So there has been many racists on this server and they say n word and they tell me they cant see me in the dark and they tell me they are going to whip me, today a guy named peachy was racist to me so i got mad at him and started talking trash to him in chat, and 10 minutes later i was kickes, why do you admins keep kicking me for standing up for myself? Are you admins also racist? Do you think that i will treat racists with respekt??? If i meet a racist i will tell him the most cruel shit ever and you shoud not be able to kick me because the person i am talking trash to is racist and deserves only the worst, but you guys dont care that a bunch of guys tell me how little i am worth every day… maby you dont realize that it actualy hurts me and that i want to cry when i meet racist people every day…

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You know you are on the FiveM forums right? this is not related to any server but the general forums for the mod itself.

I’m sorry that this happens but we can’t really help you i suggest you either contact the server owner or find another server

If you don’t like how their server is ran, don’t play on it. There aren’t any rules in the ToS that strictly say server owners must respect their players equally. Simply don’t play on their server if you have an issue. If they are racist then people won’t play on it anyway.

Additionally, this isn’t the place to post this sort of review on a server, it doesn’t belong on this forum at all actually.

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