Quiet Night Roleplay 18+ | FivePD | Recruiting BCSO, SSPD, Communications, and SAFR | vMenu | Sonoran CAD | SCN Radio | Recruiting Dedicated Members looking for Realistic RP

Welcome to Quiet Night Roleplay! We are a small FivePD community looking to recruit active members to enjoy realistic RP. Our community uses civilians on an experimental basis, so our community is primarily dispatch, LEO, and SAFR based.

What do we offer?

  • Departments with welcoming staff and members.
  • Fully operational SonoranCAD and SCN Radio plugin, which mimics a real life radio in a police cruiser.
  • vMenu server with many quality assets and MLOs.
  • Community Events for members to take part in and enjoy.

Which Departments are open for recruitment?

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sandy Shores Police Department
  • San Andreas Communications Department
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue

San Andreas State Police only recruits within the community at the discretion of State Police chain of command.

Our requirements and application can be found within our application discord server, join here if you wish to be a part of our wonderful community!