Quick note on using built-in ACL/security

Originally published at: Quick note on using built-in ACL/security – FiveM Cookbook

Ever since the built-in ACL system exists (add_ace and similar), it has somehow not seen people use it to its full potential, often adding dependencies on ‘frameworks’ to resources solely in order to check if a player is currently on a particular ‘job’ in said ‘framework’. A lesser-known feature of the ACL system is the…


Does this also means the ACL file can be manually modified without having to restart the server, because IsPlayerAceAllowed() searches in the file everytime, just like GetConvar()?

If by ‘file’ you mean a .cfg, yes, you can ‘exec’ it as desired. There’s not really anything that would require you to restart a server at all.

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But before you do that, you need to do the following:

add_ace job.mechanic "job.mechanic" allow

Correct. I am surprised this was missed in the initial post and nobody commented on this before. :sweat_smile:

The post has been updated to mention this.