Questions about streaming limits and custom cars

i have a few maybe 10-15 cars in my server, and most of them worked except a few

i switched to a VPS and now half of my cars are broken, even the cars that worked home hosted

i saw the streaming limit was 16mb, is that for each file or the entire car folder (per car)? because some cars are not even past the 16mb limit and they’re having texture issues/crashing issues. and even some cars that exceed the streaming limit work fine, i’m just really confused on how streaming limits work. for example, one of my cars equal to about 24mb (adding up each file), yet console says it’s using 54mb of “physical memory” and says there can be issues, yet the car works completely fine?

sorry if this post is a mess i just want a guide to avoiding streaming issues with custom cars, or how to read file sizes even if it says it fits the limit