Question for developers, really simple

Is it possible to create a fivem script that prints something when all resources are loaded in? and if so someone might help me make it?

Thanks !

Uh, this would be pretty convoluted, what’s the use case? I.e., what are you trying to do that requires this kind of functionality?

I guess you could make a 4 line script

Check if the players has loaded in the server. If he has then this means that the resources have loaded. I think that is what you are looking for if not let me know.

Below is the client.lua
while not NetworkIsPlayerActive(PlayerPedId()) do

Also create an fxmanifest file and you are done
fx_version ‘cerulean’
game ‘gta5’

client_script ‘client.lua’

From this angle, most “common” frameworks (ESX, QB etc) have their own functionality that hooks into the game events to tell when a player loads in, which is considerably better performance-wise - just an FYI. May be worth a look.

Hey, is it possible to make it so a resource is not useable unless it has a name that i configure it to be?
And thanks, helped a lot.

Yes go to the resource’s client.lua and write
if GetCurrentResourceName == “the name you want” then
Here all the code

Do the same for the server.lua. Maybe do it on config.lua as well this is dependent on the script