[Question] Can I access player position on server side?

Hi every body,

I want to access at the player position in the server side. All source code I have found get and use it in client side. Is it only accessible in client side ?
Is it safe ? Can hacker change client file and send bad command ?

I’m a little affraid by this ^^


I am pretty sure that using anything client side is safe. Even though the name client side suggests it comes from users, it does not. It is code that the users run, but they should not have anyway to edit it, as it is streamed from the server.
I haven’t heard of anyone’s server getting hacked from within so I would not worry.

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I know, I’m paranoiac. And when I see hackers on official servers, I can be paranoiac lol.
But I my mind, client functions are same as server function.
Where can I found a list of client functions available and one for server functions ? I only found Native functions but I don’t know which ones are for server and wich ones are for client.

The wiki has FiveM server and client functions and the Native DB has gta functions.


I have already read this. But that not détails if fonctions are for client or for server or for both.