Queen playing when booting up

I just started fivereborn a second ago and when you will see the server list it changes to a Queen song… And there is no way to disable it. The only way is shut down the program. this happens every time when booting up. Help out here?
Kind Regards Iddo Kuipers

Same here, it’s possible the FiveReborn people got hacked, or they are doing this on purpose.

i got the same, i think they might have been hacked, or they’re trolling us

@Iddo-Kuipers I know Freddy Mercury looks good in that dress tho…

Same over here. Something major must’ve happened

Same, i hope it gets fixed soon. :confused:

Now it’s pokemon

THis isn’t a hack we know whos doing it and only 2 people in the world know how currently.

@Iddo-Kuipers Its now Pokemon BOIS!

ETA on a fix?@kanersps

@C2CJWIll said in Queen playing when booting up:

ETA on a fix?@kanersps


@kanersps luckily you weren’t hacked :slight_smile:

@kanersps that was quick :stuck_out_tongue:

@shiro said in Queen playing when booting up:

I mean, if I didn’t want to stop, I could’ve kept going. This annoys the devs tho :frowning:

hey are you the one who keeps doing this? please do it again it’s really nice to see people annoyed to death