[Quantum Roleplay][Private Beta 26/11/21][Roleplay][Serious]

[Quantum Roleplay]

Quantum, the city of your dreams. - Private Beta launching November 26th.

[What our city offers.]

"One of the most unique servers using QB-CORE"

"Mature and fair staff team."

"Player owned businesses, such as Subway! Also Vanilla Unicorn if your into those kinda stuff ;)"

"No Pay2win, meaning you won't have to use real life money at all to own your own gang, imported vehicles, nor guns! Everything is fair and square."

"Third eye interaction. Amazing feature where you hold down LALT and it gives you a brand new way of interaction with Quantum City."

"Loads of imports. Sure influx might be a little high, but that's because they come from the other side of the ocean!"

"Cayo Perico, a whole island, and we have stuff planned. ;)"

"Fully functional Casino. Get ready to blow all your hard earned money away in a matter of a minute!"

"Amazing hosting = Amazing ping! :)"

"Realistic vehicle system, such as damages, upgrades, and mileage!"

"Advanced police scripts, such as a MDT, Dispatch and many more."

"And many more which you'll find once you fly into our city!

Join now, and sign up for beta testing!

[Links down below!]

Discord: Quantum Roleplay


Now recruiting alpha testers!

Tomorrow alpha testers will be allowed into the city to find bugs or issues and to experience the smooth city vibe. They get first dibs into the content we will be providing. Join the discord to apply :smiley:

Information: We are running the server on a dedicated box with 24/7 availability.

Box stats:
Intel Core i7-8700
1TB SSD m2 drive
64gb Ram DDR4
1gbit Internet speed.

Alpha testing is now live! Join our discord and chat with us! :slight_smile:

We are currently looking for lspd command and Hospital Services manager!

2 weeks is our estimated date to go into beta!

We have some good news for you, Slowly But surely we are getting close to the Open beta.

What can you expect from our open beta?

  1. No more wipes
    From on Open beta we will NOT wipe the server’s economy. Everything stays persistent.
  2. a Fully functional Economy, Which might be changed a little over time of course.
  3. approximately 20 Imported Vehicles. and yes of course we will add more in the future and you can also suggest them in our #feature-request channel
  4. Staff Positions, We will be looking for Support, And moderators
  5. Gangs, Settle your gang in Q City. and Dominate Los Santos,
  6. Crafting, our Extended crafting system is one of a kind! Staff can easy add recipes.

We are still looking for Whitelisted job Leaders and Managers.

When can you Expect Open Beta,

  • We hope that open beta would be here Either The Beginning of Next week Or the end of next week.
  • We Are working hard on Bug fixes and adding in content.

Thank you for reading this
Have a good day.

~ QT Staff team