Qtarget - A re-written and optimised "third eye" solution

Try this :smiley:

exports.qtarget:AddBoxZone(“lspddirektorius”, vector3(462.13, -986.26, 30.9), 0.30, 0.30, {
    }, {
        options = {
                event = "esx_policejob:bossMenu",
                icon = "fas fa-sign-in-alt",
                label = "Direktorius",
                job = "police",
    distance = 3.5

AddEventHandler('esx_policejob:bossMenu', function()
    TriggerEvent('esx_society:openBossMenu', 'police', function(data, menu)
    end, {wash = false})

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it worked haha Thank you sir :slight_smile:

Anyone have an idea? of what it could be.

hey guys does anyone know how to make it so you can interact with things e.g i have a police garage and i need the mouse to show up but it doesnt let me

    Candy = function()
        local options = {
            {name = "buy_Paprika",label = "Phat Chips - Paprika"},{name = "buy_Cheese",label = "Phat Chips - Big Cheese"},{name = "buy_Habanero",label = "Phat Chips - Habanero"},{name = "buy_StickyRibs",label = "Phat Chips - Sticky Ribs"},
            {name = "buy_ZebraBar",label = "Buy Zebra Bar"},{name = "buy_Meteorite",label = "Buy Meteorite Bar"},{name = "buy_Nothings",label = "Buy Nothings"},{name = "buy_CaptainsLog",label = "Buy Captains Log"}

        exports["qtarget"]:AddTargetModel({name = "candyMachine",label = "Vending Machine",icon = "fas-fa-candy-cane",model = -654402915,interactDist = 5.0,onInteract = onInteract,options = options})

this is not working can some one help

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Hi I have recently switched from bt-target to qtarget and I am having an issue previously I had 3-4 options for some targeted location after switching it only allows me to have 2 options am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation.

In init.lua u have a Config.DrawSprite just put it on true

Upgraded to this from bt-target, love the additional features and optimizations.

How to use ped

Can someone help, the first event works normally and the second one does not?

Try to put a Wait(250) and the beggining of the event

Hello How to write to the ox inventory so that you can pass items using qtarget?

is there a way to make qtarget compatible with qs-inventory?