qIdentification - a FREE ID card resource

Well, I figured it out. It was in the JavaScript in /html/assets/js/init.js, it just needed a little push to make it look like what I needed.

I added a line to shorten the long ass number to 12 digits:
let id12 = (metadata.citizenid).substr(-12)
and then used the new variable id12 and replaced it as the id number on the card:
and now it looks pretty good, if I say so myself! I’m going to re-make the templates to my liking next.

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Hello, i am using it with the new ox_inventory. the menu opens fine i can buy ID / Drivers / weapon licenses but when i am trying to use it i got this error:

any help?

u need to set the items export at ox inventory, u can also download The following fork that is already made for ox_inventory
PERPGamer/qidentification: An identification resource by Quantus Scripts (github.com)

instead of showing me the rest of the menu it shows me in the console why


Im having the same problem.

on ox_inventory

same problem

search this :
and replace all to :

Someone can help me out? Im on this error for almost 5 hours and dont know what to do…

If I want to use my Identification Card the error on the picture appears…

Thats what my item list for the ox_inventory looks like

Thats the cfg of qidentification

Hello friend, were you able to solve this problem? I’m still with it

Buy etc works for ox but there is issue with showing id… ive put items into inventory datas but while using them i got error:

Does someone know how to fix that one please ?

is there a version that is on ox_lib instead of nh context??

Is there anyway to make a new kind of ID design that shows when you display it

im trying to make a angel id (for staff) that says out of rp :confused: i just can’t figure the init.js

Does anyone by chance know how to fix this problem?