[QBCore/StandAlone] FireFighter Job

Don’t waste your time buying this. I bought this script over a week ago and have yet to receive it. I got my purchase confirmation from Tebex, but never received an email with the link to download. I sent an email to the address provided by Tebex, along with my proof of purchase and still have yet to hear ANYTHING back.

Hey check you keymaster page that where a lot of the stuff from tebex goes then you download it

I am in the same boat right now. Even sent emails about it and nothing…


Im sorry for the late replies but, i was on vacation and didn’t have any access to a computer or internet.
You could have joined the group which is linked in the tebex for more information regarding why you havent received the script but it’s ok :slight_smile:

Kind Regards Zyo

I purchased this script but I did not receive it on Tebex or as an automatic download in my email.

ive bought this script and not received it on keymaster or email?

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Same I’m looking still

Is this not working anymore. I paid and never recieved anything like the guys above.

That is incorrect, script stills works, people here were contacted and given the script via a app that shall not be named. which is linked in the tebex page. as soon as you join it you get the resource.