:star: Description

Just another K9 script with more features.

:bulb: Features

    • Attack (players or npcs)
      • Aim on player/npcs and press E
      • Tackle
        • Dog has chance to tackle person (read update 2.1 for better description)
    • Send your dog anywhere by aiming on the spot
      • Aim on spot and press G
    • Follow | Stop
    • Enter | Exit Vehicle
      • Supports two ways of vehicle entering
        • Teleport (In | Out)
        • Realistic Animation Of Entering (Jump In | Out)
      • Dog will always prioritise sitting behind passenger, unless someone is sitting there so he will choose from other empty seats
    • Searching
      • You are able to search vehicles or players
      • Searching players can be done two ways
        • Aim on person and press option in menu, it will send the dog to players direction, if he finds something then he will start barking
        • Or just be close to any person so it will select the closest player
    • Heal | Armor | Revive
      • You can set max values of Health and Armor in cfg file
      • New registered dogs will always spawn with the max health
      • If your dog gets shot you can apply bandage on him, so it will give him some HP
        • Same with the armor
      • Health and Armor is saving into database by default, but you can disable it in cfg
      • If your dog gets killed you need to revive him unless you disable saving of hp and armor, then you can just respawn him
    • Tracking
      • With this cool feature you are able to find any hidden player
      • I was trying my best to not make it overpowered so players have a chance to get away
        • If dog finds some tracks it’s getting only current position of players that are in smell radius, so if player is still moving and if you are slow with track selection then player can easily escape
      • You can set max smell radious and dog speed of following the track
      • Cooldown starts after track selection, you can edit cooldown duration in cfg
      • It’s connected to level system (systems are explained below)

    • Check the dogs status
    • Carry
    • Throw ball or play fetch
    • Feed (hunger and thirst system is explained below)
      • Places a bowl with food on ground that dog will find automatically
    • House
      • You can build a house for you dog or just destroy it lol
      • You can tell him to go into house or out
    • Appearance
      • There is two options, first is switching style of dog randomly and second has menu of all available components, drawables and textures that you can choose (it depends on dogs model)
      • It’s getting saved into database so your dog will always be same (unless you are not using any database)
    • Animations
      • It comes with lot of animations already that are highly improved with details to make it realistic as possible
      • You can add unlimited animations into cfg file or remove current ones
      • It’s connected to lvl system
    • Camera
      • Mount a camera to your dogs neck and watch everything from his perspective
      • This option can be disabled in cfg

    • Hunger, Thirst
      • Simple system that’s forcing your dog to eat, but you gotta feed him, like it was explained above
      • You can change certain options in cfg
        • Dog get damaged if he’s thirsty or hungry
        • How many percentage it takes from hunger/thirst
      • Pee | Poo
        • Dog will be forced to pee or poo after he gets feeded few times
        • Can be disabled in cfg
    • Levels (Relationship)
      • Actions that your dog makes giving him XP
      • They are saving into database
      • Depending on almost every action you wanna do with your dog
      • Each level has failing percentage so there is chance that your dog will not follow your commands when you ask him to do something
      • When you using tracking it has chance that he will lose some tracks
      • Searching also depending on fail percentage so he can fail on finding something
      • You can create unlimited levels and change fail percentages or change xp that’s given by doing action
      • Whole level system can be disabled so the dog will always follows your commands and never fails anything

    • Instaheadshot (enable/disable)
      • You can disable instaheadshot, so if someone shot his head it will deal same damage as any bodyshots
    • Supports two types of menus
    • ACE Perms
      • Alternative for people that are not using any frameworks, so it checks for ACE perm instead of job
      • It has description in cfg file how to use it
    • Job restrictions
      • Checks for job and grades
      • They are depending on your framework or you can customise the function so it checks for something else
    • Target System (supports qb-target, ox_target and qtarget)
    • You can add unlimited dogs to menu to choose from in cfg
    • Limit for dogs per player/character can be set in cfg
    • All commands are added in cfg file so you are able to change names of commands
    • Translation settings are in cfg file
    • Option for creating blip on the map of your dog, so you’ll never lose him
    • FiveM Keybinds (you can bind any action to any key)
    • Available for QB, QBX, ESX or STANDALONE
    • And some other tiny things that can be found while playing with dog or in cfg file :heart:

:computer: Updates


Update 1.3

  • Fixed rare bug when dog randomly walks away
  • Fixed bug when dog was stealing vehicles from NPCs when you send him very far from your position xD…
  • Improved networking between players
  • Rewrited some features to make them more optimised
  • And some minor changes were made

Update 1.4

  • Added support for older ESX version

Update 1.6

  • Added support for ox_inventory and qs-inventory
    • Script supports 3 inventories at the moment (qb, ox, qs), but you are able to implement your own code for searching vehicles if you using different inventory. Player searching works without depending on inventory systems, but on framework.
  • Added target system, qb-target and qtarget supported (you can disable it if you don’t want to use it)
    • Added only options that i thought will be great, let me know if you want me to add others
  • Highly improved animations
    • Added so many details to make the dog more alive with you
  • Added pee and poo system, also can be disabled (comes with effects and animations)
  • Searching success of vehicles and players is now depending on the fail % of dogs level.
  • Fixed bug when you stop carrying dog there is chance that he will die from the fall
  • You can now cancel ball throwing by selecting it again so you don’t have to throw it to stop the action…

Update 1.7

  • Added new vehicle entering animations (they are still in the sting phase so you can disable them in the cfg file)
    • I added also different animation when you enter some van for example, but keep in mind that it could look weird in some vans, so better to use regular cars…
  • Added tracking option
    • Find anyone in specified radious
    • Tracking depends on lvl, so dog can miss some tracks
    • Added cooldown so you can’t spam it, cooldown starts if dog finds some tracks
  • Option to disable LVL system completely, if you disable it then dog will always follow your orders
  • Added menu settings into cfg file so you can customise the menu to your liking
  • Reworked some main functions and threads so script runs more smoother
    • Resmon: idle 0.0, in use 0.0 - 0.1
  • Added support for QBX
  • Improved animations in certain actions and some other small improvements

Update 1.8

  • Script is now depending on ox_lib, it has better functions like menu, callbacks and other things
  • Completely rewrited server files
    • Created new server file that is completely open for developers, so you should be able to make this script work on any server, same with the client file
  • Standalone version was merged into main version (README file has more information about it)
  • Added new menu style from ox_lib (you can choose which style you wanna use
    • I was doing re-organisation with this menu so it looks more different than MenuV organisation
    • MenuV will receive also some re-organisation update in the future
  • Added option for disabling insta headshot
  • Health, Armor and Reviving
    • If your dog dies you can simply revive him through menu option
    • You can set max hp and max armor on the dog
    • New registered dogs are gonna spawn with max hp but without armor
    • You can heal your dog with bandage or put armor on him
    • Both values are saving into database so if your dog gets killed and you try to respawn him then you still need to revive him because he’ll be dead
    • You can disable the saving of hp and armor so you can respawn the dog through menu
  • If your dog is hungry or thirsty it will start damaging him (it can be disabled)
  • All commands were moved into configuration file so you are able to rename commands
  • You are no longer able to attack your own dog
  • If some player punches your dog it will automatically force him to attack that person (you can simply call him back by “follow” option)
  • Added option to switch style of the dog, it will randomly choose from available components (everything depends on the dog you using, if you using the recommended one then it has like 5 variations of dog)
  • Fixed several bugs and improved networking between players
  • Improved some functions
  • Fixed tablet intro movie, sometimes it got stuck on screen

Update 1.8.1

  • Added ACE perms (alternative for people that are not using any frameworks, so it checks for ACE perm instead of job)

Update 1.8.2

  • Re-organised menu for MenuV
  • Added styling option into MenuV
  • Small fixes and edits

Update 1.9

  • Added settings for selecting notify system (ox, qb, esx, native)
  • Camera
    • You can mount/remove camera
    • You can enable item check for mounting camera
    • Fixed camera commands
  • Search
    • Added option “onSuccess”, means you can set what the dog is gonna do if he finds something ilegal
      • You can choose from 3 actions: bark, sit, laydown or false to do nothing (it will just notify you)
      • Let me know if you want also option for failing
  • Added option to disable all commands
  • Improved “carry”
  • Tracking
    • Added option to track player by server id (i’m planning to extend this function)
      • It has same rules like multitracking: player needs to be in smell radius, it’s connected to lvl system (unless you are not using it), cooldown is shared with multitracking option
  • You can now cancel dogs attack by using the “Go” option
  • Added client exports for developers, check out README file
  • Fixed mistakes in qtarget
  • Several tiny improvements and details were implemented

Update 2.0

  • Added new appearance menu (BETA)
    • It will show all available components, drawables and amount of textures that you can set
    • At the moment it shows also some components that are NOT doing anything (depends on the dogs model)
  • Appearance of dog is now saving into database
  • Tracking speed is now depending on level, if you are not using lvl system then you can edit the speed in CFG.TRACKING category
  • Added /k9bark command
  • Fixed “hasItem” callback for ESX
  • Added support for ox_target
  • Many improvements were added to minimize breaking of certain things
  • Security improvements in server side

Update 2.1

  • Reorganized configuration file (so it’s easiest to read?)
  • Fixed rare bug with attacking, when dog just walks away instead of attack
  • Added FiveM binding system
    • With simple configuration you are able to set keybinds on any key for certain actions (like opening main menu)
  • Instakill option was removed
  • Added tackle feature (BETA)
    • Description:
      • If you send the dog on somebody, it has a chance to tackle him. If player gets tackled he will stay on the ground until he press E (to get up) or gets cuffed. If player hits E, then the dog will chase him again until gets tackled, killed or cuffed (or until cop will cancel the attack by Follow or Go option)
    • Dog has % chance to tackle person (only player at the moment)
    • Chances are configurable in cfg
    • Two types of being tackled:
      • Ragdoll and animation
    • Ragdoll can have syncing issues between players
    • Animation type is synced but it needs more work to make it more fancy
    • Added animation check for “cuffed” to stop being tackled
    • Added export IS_TACKLED
  • Vehicle entering improvements
  • Optimalization

Update 2.1.1

  • Tackle Improvements and fixes
  • Added damage modifier option into cfg
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Update 2.2.2

  • Fixed saving/loading for database when you are not using any framework
  • Fixed ox_target
  • Moved cfg file into shared category
  • Improvements and fixes for inventories (implemented direct exports etc.)

:cactus: Showcase

:open_book: NOTES

  • Script has completely opened client and server file for developers so you can implement your own code to make it work on any server
  • Searching Vehicles option is depending on your inventory system
    • Supported inventories: qb-inventory, ox_inventory, qs-inventory
  • QBCore, QBX, ESX Legacy, older ESX is supported or even standalone usage
    • You can use the script without any framework/database/inventory it will simply disable certain options like saving data or if you try to search car or player it will always say “Nothing was found”
  • Great model for K9 https://forum.cfx.re/t/how-to-german-shepherd-malinois-k9-dog-1-0-1/
  • Let me know if you missing any features or ideas
  • Read all updates above so you know what was changed/added

:moneybag: Where to purchase: Tebex

Code is accessible No (only client_framework, server_editable and configuration file is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 4300 ±
Requirements qb-core/esx/none, ox_lib (required), oxmysql/mysql-async/none, menuv (optional)
Support Yes

:heart: OTHER RELEASES :heart:
Player Carjacking / Pull Driver Out
QBCore/ESX - Chopshop (Remove Parts)
QBCore/ESX - Cemetery
QBCore/STANDALONE - Skydiving
QBCore - Chop Shop
QBCore - Fights
QBCore/ESX - Christmas Gifts
QBCore - Job Creator


keep me in the loop when the video is up

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for sure! :slight_smile:

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Update 1.1

  • Added ESX version
  • Fixed few bugs with dog movement
  • and several improvements to make script better
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this k9 script is ballin! got max level dog already, adds so much emersion to k9 unit.

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I really appreciate it man! Have fun :heart:

Update 1.2

  • Fixed ‘check dog’ option in menu
  • Added settings to disable camera option from menu
  • Added function that checks the dog comply to missing options/features

Showcase Video Released → FiveM Showcase - K9 (Police Dog) - YouTube
YouTube is still taking its time with HD quality. XD

Thanks Awaken RP for recording this. AwakenRP | QB Core | Serious Roleplay | Drugs | Bankrobbery | Economy Based | Custom Gangs | Cops | Active Staff / Cfx.re



Update 1.3

  • Fixed rare bug when dog randomly walks away
  • Fixed bug when dog was stealing vehicles from NPCs when you send him very far from your position xD…
  • Improved networking between players
  • Rewrited some features to make them more optimised
  • And some minor changes were made
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Update 1.4

  • Added support for older ESX version

Coupon for 30% discount only for one of you. Enjoy :slight_smile:

XYMW-WAFC-ZX6K (edit // already used)

Update 1.5

  • Added Standalone Version
    • Version comes without searching options, lvl system, database saving, instakill and dog limit
    • It has opened file where you can restrict all k9 options or add your notify system
  • Removed qb-input as dependency
  • Fixed some mistakes


Does this have ox_inventory support?

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Not yet… But i’m preparing update that will support it.

//but if you using ESX or QB then it should work normally with OX inventory i think, because it’s using core functions to get items from player, but searching vehicles is not done for ESX at the moment but it has opened file to implement your own code for it.

Is there an eta on that update because as soon as it drops its a for sure buy from us.

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Hopefully this week or next week…

Just bought, and it is pretty good. Any chance of adding a Tracking option?

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it won’t let me in your server

Ye it’s on my todo list, so dfntly it’s planned, i just prioritized other things for now so more people can use the script.

wtf, this is free, don’t buy it :DDD

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