[QBCore] Prisma Sanitation Job (Group Sync)



  • You can add location anywhere you want.
  • Easy to configure
  • You can purchase with Escrow or without Escrow
  • Customer Support via our Prisma Store Discord
  • Fully optimized CPU Usage 0.00/0.01
  • If you are not want to use any qb-phone on Dependencies you can use this script but Group Sync system going to be off!

50% discount on tebex
Coupon code : PRISMA50

You can increase the game pleasure of your server with the unique scripts coded by Prisma Store.

Showcase: [QBCore] Prisma Sanitation Job (Group Sync) - YouTube

Price: 12.50€

Price Without Escrow System: 22.50€

QBCore Escrowed: Tebex

QBCore Without Escrow: Tebex

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Code is accessible 6/10
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600+
Requirements written
Support Yes

it’s very detailed system for such a sanitation script.

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price is updated :blush:

50% discount on tebex :blush:
Coupon code : PRISMA50