[QBCore] - Painter Job | Every color you'd like

Showcase Video: Link to YoutTube (Click)
Tebex: Link (Click)


  • Configure the item, currency shown, all the prices and spots where it can be opened with job configuration for each spot.
  • Unlimited zones.
  • Supports both primary and secondary colors.
  • All colors for normal, mettalic, matte, metals and chrome.
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 480~
Requirements QBCore and QB-Target
Support Yes

You should add interior colors. Some vehicles have it on secondary like in your video, but there is a own section for interior colors too.

Sorry for the late response, work taking all of my time :smiley:
Hm, that’s a pretty good idea, once I’ve got some time, I’ll def look into it! Would be neat :smiley:

NP. Are you doing this script for ESX too? Would definitely buy it for ESX and interior colors :slight_smile:

I’d love to have all of my resources support ESX aswell, but sadly I barely got time to even be at a computer and work on new projects.
-Currently speaking with Loaf, who’s helping me out here and there :smiley: