[QBCore][Paid]QB-Realestate job

I represent you Realestate job made for QBCore.


  • wardrobe
  • vehicle spawner
  • boss menu
  • on/off duty blip
  • house list menu

Locations can be changed. Map used in preview is included in package.

Purchase: QB-Realestate job
Link to preview: QB-Real Estate Job - Made By Aljo - YouTube


its literally qb-housing modified with menus that are publicly published


It’s not just a menu. You get job with all features bellow andwith house list menu you can change price and tier ingame so it makes it easier to change it.

but it is a modification right? you can’t sell modified scripts

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It’s not modification. Completely new script. Nothing is modified. House list menu is made from zero and job too.

He’s not selling the free qb-house script, he is selling the functionality of having a menu to change all the stuff, and a place where realtors can be with cars garage etc. It’s basicly a bunch of scripts mixed into 1, which is not a modification it’s a script in itself.

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but he is using qb-houses for the actual houses and the furniture etc

That would be a dependency for the script yes. Thats how dependencies work…

If you have an issue flag the post.


Added features:

  • Back button
    -After tier or price change menu will return back to House options menu
    -Added check if column tier or price is NULL in database

To do:

-tablet animation

This whole feature will be built into qb-houses soon anyway so no worries. Might do it tomorrow.


:open_mouth: niceee

can you add also one command if you creat a house but after the don’t want that house then we will remove that house for that location

This is coming in near future.


Added features:

  • Feature to delete house

this is really neat any plans to add “set stash” “set garage” “set closet” to this? good work so far though!

So real estate could set this?

yes sir <3

This could be possible, but you will be able to set locations only when player owns house

yea makes sense

i noticed that when you delete the house with your menu it deletes the keys but the person who last had keys can still enter the property.