[qbcore] Gardener Job

Idle - 0.01ms

While working - 0.05ms

(i5 8600k, RTX 2080S, 16GB RAM)


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  • Totally optimized script
  • Open code (2000 lines of code)
  • 7 types of working
  • The job is based on the interaction with NPC
  • No IP-Lock


  • Payout - possible change of payment for work
  • Locations - all locations can be changed
  • Workplaces - possible to change all of workplaces
  • Ped Model - endless possibility to add ped models
  • Text - endless possibility to add texts over clients
  • DepositPrice - possible to change price of deposit
  • Clothes - possible to change work wear (Male/Female)




:hammer: Builder Job (Leveling System)
:helicopter: Helicopter Job
:money_mouth_face: Moneywash
:articulated_lorry: Illegal Transportation
:blue_car: Advanced Car Thief
:moneybag: Shop Robbery
:pill: Sell Drugs System
:gun: Advanced Illegal Orders
:house_with_garden: Advanced Gardener Job
:bus: Advanced Bus Driver
:package: Advanced Warehouse Job
:truck: Advanced Courier Job
:tangerine: Advanced Fruit Picker Job
:man_farmer: Farmer Job


:bus: Busdriver job
:package: Warehouse job
:truck: Courier Job
:man_farmer: Farmer job

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Is available for ESX too?

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Appreciate the work but why include dependencies when we already have a notify and progress bar system?

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Yes, this script available for ESX too.


Nice work but QB-Core already has a notify & prog bar so it seems a bit pointless to me to have additional dependencies on top just to run your script… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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then why create another topic? just release a update lol.

Wow! great man.

Just more work to update them ourselves lol but the coding is solid here. Have a few of theirs and it’s really good stuff

Great work, i like it :slight_smile:

This script is completely uselss without the ability to add more locations via the config file. 6 is just not enough locations. Tried adding them manually about 4 separate times, carefully I might add, but the script kept breaking whenever it gave the job without giving any client or server side errors.

Can you please add this functionality?

its not working on my qbcore keeps giving me error in sever.lua [ citizen-server-impl] Stopping resource inside-gardener
[ c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for inside-gardener
[script:inside-garden] Error loading script server.lua in resource inside-gardener: @inside-gardener/server.lua:4: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘QBCore’)
[script:inside-garden] stack traceback:
[script:inside-garden] @inside-gardener/server.lua:4: in main chunk
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script server.lua.
[ citizen-server-impl] Started resource inside-gardener

qbcore developers change a lot in their engine, so some scripts may not work we have a solution for this write to us privately