QBCore Framework

can you make a list of the keybinds please for the server

i would highly advise against using “Qbus” scrips. they are leaked and not official.

Anyone know how to make qbus script work on qbcore ?

Anybody know how to get qb-weed to work with qb-apartments? every time I go to plant a seed inside an apartment it says it isn’t safe.

Yh you got to be your own home
Then it should work

It works with qb-houses but not qb-apartments which is strange. Even though I am in my own apartment it says that it is unsafe and to try in a house, just wondering if there’s a way to make it work with apartments or if it’s a bug or something.

I set the true to close the server from qb-core cfg but they can all enter anyway, then I tried to put the whitelist to true as well and they all manage to enter, do you also have this problem?

Is there any documentation somewhere, or a youtube tutorial someone has access to which can help me to customize/add onto the current qb-radialmenu? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

If you use TxAdmin, you can change whitelisting to on, on the TxAdmin webpage that is.

Hey guys I’ve been trying to enable movement / camera movement while using the Qb-phone, as of right now, it didn’t work out. Can anyone help me? :slight_smile:

The vehicleshop script you use with no problems can you send that to me so maybe I can see what goes wrong for me I know all the cars is added correctly I see them in admin menu with the right categories but in the shop they don’t work/don’t show up
Will be nice to see where I made the mistake
Best regards

Anyone able to send me a template of the basic QBCore Police alert export to put into another script?

is there a way to update my server files without having to make a new server ??

it only works for houses

if you dont want to do it manually, no

TriggerServerEvent('police:server:policeAlert', 'text you want')

What do i need for the radial menu to work?

Remove the house in database

New user of QB here! I just installed the framework and have been looking throughout the code for a few days now, everything seems to be working for the most part with the exception of a couple things… For 1, I cannot get the vehicle shops to work properly (unless I’m misunderstanding the functionality). When you go to any of the vehicle stores, there are no blips or UI triggers on any vehicles to purchase them, however when you go to Simeon’s car shop, the first office has a desk that has a UI trigger bringing up a “Financed Vehicles” option.

My second issue is that when you access the garages, everything is set to French. I’ve checked every single script and I cannot for the life of me find the language settings to set the locale to eng. Any suggestions on where that is located?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and props to everyone that made QB, the framework is phenomenal!!

Can you explain me how can i put this code in my script, i starting learning scripting and idk how i can put this event in my script