QBCore Framework

Most are easy to convert yeah

Got any suggestions on how to go about converting?

how to fix error

[ script:oxmysql] [ERROR] qb-core was unable to execute a query!
[ script:oxmysql] Incorrect string value: ‘\xE3\x83\x84’ for column ‘name’ at row 1

Having issue with hotdog job when you spawn cart it disappears and then it says can’t find one close when you try to return it any suggestions?

run the script after the core gets loaded

anyone can help me with this problem

its now running for a localhost and i dont wont that pls pls help me

Your server was unable to connect to your database, you probably entered details for an account with a password and you entered the wrong password in the connection string or forgot to write one in

Does Discord Ace perm work with qb core?

Outline of community meeting #1 on 11/15/2021:

For the months of November & December:

  • More general cleanup/fixes
  • Continue conversion to polyzone and qb-menu
  • Phone reskin + updates to twitter
  • qb-drugs rewrite to include more drugs and better functionality
  • qb-houses menu functionality for better management of created houses
  • Combine qb-mechanicjob and qb-customs to function better + add parts system (possibly before release)

Official stable release marked for January 1st

After stable release (no specific dates for these):

  • Start going through #:love_letter:┊suggestions and implementing things
  • qb-hud v2 (complete rewrite + more features)
  • qb-phone v2 (complete rewrite + better overall design/functionality/performance + more features)
  • qb-banking v2 (complete rewrite + includes job/gang accounts + loans(possibly))
  • qb-inventory v2 (complete rewrite + better overall design/functionality/performance)
  • qb-management (replaces gang and boss menu, enhanced employee management system)
  • qb-fuel (replaces legacyfuel)
  • qb-emotes (replaces dpemotes + adds custom animations made with AnimKit)
  • qb-missions (enhanced NPC interactions?)
  • qb-mdt (police/ems/fire)
  • qb-houses financing


  • Docs integration with commands for pulling specific information on functions, etc


  • Fix clothing and make first very basic stable release (plans for around May for full build)


Ace permissions only work with commands currently

would there by any chance be a full compatible update?

What does this mean?

meaning ace discord perms will be fully compatible

Okay, this is actually amazing. It not only looks good, but is easy to understand!

Hey all, i have the same error… any fix?

hey everyone

this is my first time setting up a city
but i can’t get any cars out of PD
can someone help
many thanks


Update to the latest version of qb-police

Have you ever ran into a issue where the mdt gets stuck on your screen?

No not really