[QBCore/ESX/vRP] Vehicle Shop (Dealership) HUD 2.0 [Paid Resource]

Are you sure it’s the same error?

100%, no errors in F8 at all. I’ve tried everything I can but I still can’t figure it out. It just shows ‘ALL’ and nothing else.

Are you getting some error on the server console?

Question mate before i throw down money on this script. Does this include or have the ability to create boat and plane,heli shops?

The script was not made for that. To do this, you’ll have to duplicate the script and change the coordinates and name of the table in the database.

I’m finishing a 3.0 version that will make it possible to create multiple stores in different ways. But I still don’t have a release date.

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when will it release? i might buy when it’s out

No have date yet

Are you finished with 3.0 version?

I’m travelling, but when a return, i’ll finalize

Have fun at travelling where i find the Link for the 2.0.3 Update?