[QBCore][ESX] - Donor memebership

A system designed to create different types of packages to give certain benefits to your players in the best way. We can create different packages from unique packages to different benefits such as daily rewards for a certain period of time, these benefits can be: economic motivation, a variety of weapons, a variety of items, mappings, vehicles, etc. We can edit all the aspects we want from the script configuration.


The player will be able to:

  • View the available packages that are generated from the script settings.

  • Fill in the form with the type of package you wish to provide.

  • A command where you can obtain all the necessary information about the type of package you have.

The staff will be able to:

  • Management panel.


  • Nice GUI

  • Optimized

  • ESX & QBCore Compatible

  • Encryped

  • Escrow Protection

  • Config file & Translations


Code is accessible Config files only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ±(2000)
Support Yes

Do you have a public test server to see how it works? I would like to test it.

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No really but i can give you the beta file


Nah, that’s fine.