QBCore Database Scripts


How these work?

This just searches through the commonly used QBCore tables to answer common questions that many RP servers may have.

You can:

  1. Find duplicate weapons across the servers
  2. You can list top wealthy people (all money, and vehicles)
  3. You can find items across the server and see who owns what, it’ll figure out apartments, stashes and houses and who owns what.
  4. You can find vehicles and when they were last taken out.

How do configure

  1. Configure a mysql config file, it’s harcoded in the scripts as /etc/.db.cnf, you can change this to anything. It should look like below:


  2. Change the table names to what your tables are called. Mine are called players, stashitems, trunkitems, gloveboxitems` etc. You’ll need to edit the scripts if your DB schema is different.

  3. You may need to edit yours to fit your server. For example I filter out things like police evidence bags, etc.

  4. If you’re calculating wealth, you’ll need to supply a vehicles.txt which has the model name and how much its worth on your server. I have included ours.

  5. You may need to edit your vehicles table to include last withdrawl. Every time someone takes a vehicle from a garage we record is so we can keep track of if people are driving those expensive imports, and we repo them if they sit too long.


Find Duplicate Items (weapon serial numbers)

Serial: 90ZWL3JN340GSmG (weapon_compactrifle) is duplicated
    - Character: CKR43620 (Alejandro González )
    - Locations:
            - CKR43620 laguna pl2 stash
            - CKR43620 nowhere rd1 stash

Find items across the various places people can have them

./find-item.rb tunerlaptop
Person                         CID             Location       
Matt Kayden                    CCO33278        Player Inventory
Nova Gillon                    CNI32230        Player Inventory
Dominic Taylor                 FJX80892        Player Inventory
Ben Luchiano                   GTC47981        Player Inventory
TJ Rhodes                      IPQ16693        Player Inventory
Chamo Muerez                   OLD42979        Player Inventory
Skyla Rose                     PLC97196        Player Inventory
Anthony Polman                 QVI37300        Player Inventory
The Batman                     RBU82997        Player Inventory
Nico Northbeach                TGT80371        Player Inventory
Tate Sullivan                  VBJ05904        Player Inventory
David  Bale                    VBW93859        Player Inventory
Ben Lewis                      YCW97175        Player Inventory
Jamie Jackson                  KWL34317        alta st2       
TJ Rhodes                      IPQ16693        apartment2471  
Ben Lewis                      YCW97175        apartment31567 

Top 20 wealthy people (takes into account car costs)

Nova Gillon              $33,266,013
David  Bale              $11,633,155
Ben Lewis                $8,307,490
Ben Luchiano             $5,565,436
Matt Kayden              $5,145,782
Anthony Polman           $4,760,627
Nico Northbeach          $4,229,903
Donny Kebap              $3,717,491
Dominic Taylor           $3,565,971
Yang Shen                $3,343,175
Blood Bane               $3,315,084
Saoirse OTool            $3,277,094
George Ooaaa             $3,186,931
Tyler Reed               $2,870,417
Victor Wainwright        $2,810,497
Cole Hannan              $2,805,970
Chase Getaway            $2,773,179
Noah Bosch               $2,747,420
Talula Cole              $2,628,276
Rosa Klein               $2,621,455
Annie Apollo             $2,457,958

Find Vehicles

[email protected]:~/scripts$ ./find-vehicle.rb models
Person                         CID             Plate           Last Used (days)
Flo Bloom                      ABP31468        44OAB894        today          
Nova Gillon                    CNI32230        PAYURTAX        today          
Booka Kipps                    QCS86404        MOUNTAIN        1              
Sparky Taco                    NRW54072        TESLAAAA        1              
Darryl Umbridge                KYV85534        83JDX824        11             
Victor Wainwright              UQR90885        DFSW6285        13             
Aran Silver                    PXF77186        CHRU1239        41             
Scar Lawd                      WZW32122        QHCA4657        112

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