Qb-vehiclekeys/client/main.lua:461 ERROR when trying to hijack a car

Hi, when trying to hijack a car for some reason the weapon goes crazy in my hands and flickers, a progress bar comes up but then i get this error in the f8 console?

in the main.lua it references a weapon hash and name but nothing has changed for the qb-core/shared weapons or items. lua or atleast nothing WEAPON wise has been added or removed, only adding other items for other scripts but nothing to do with weapons?

any help is appreciated thank you

Can you please post the code around line 461, including that line?

this is the section it refers to the weapon type group and the weapon hash, we are nearly ready to launch a server and for some reason this came up today when i tried to hijack a car

this is the qb-core/client/functions lua

and this is the progressbar/client/main lua

try using latest version of this resource

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