[QB/QBox/ESX] JG Mechanic - Tuning, Stancing, Engine Swaps, NOS, Dyno & more

Does this work with Qausar Inventory?

Its possible to add custom service parts? And do they afect the handling when they have to be changed? Do they have in general any functionality?

Yes :slight_smile:

Custom servicing parts no - you can only add custom tuning parts. Yes the degradation of servicing parts affects handling (bad traction if tyres are worn, bad suspension if springs are worn, etc) - so getting parts replaced by a Mechanic regularly will keep their vehicle at 100% performance.

Any handling changes made by the script are fully unencrypted in case you need to check there aren’t any conflicts with your existing systems.

You can configure at what % level of wear players will be notified that they need to ‘service’ their vehicle (and in the garage if you’re using JG Garages), as well as disabling this system altogether.

Could you add custom service parts as a feature? With the same principle as with custom tuning parts and with a blacklist, for example, electric vehicles only have part xy that needs to be replaced or vehicle xy must replace part xy etc. I have another question, can the mileage meter also be used with km?

Hmm, servicing parts are a little complicated because getting their handling adjustments right so they don’t completely mess up vehicles is very difficult + also the UI wasn’t built around having customizable parts. But I will definitely consider it!

Yes you can choose between kilometers or miles :slight_smile: from within the jg-vehiclemileage resource

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All right, you’re probably right. Is it possible to add custom tuning parts only for certain vehicles? For example, I create a 2jz engine and want to blacklist it on 4 vehicles. Is that possible?

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Ah - it is actually not possible to blacklist certain vehicles from parts, but it does make a lot of sense. I’ve added it to the backlog :slight_smile:

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