[QB] JobAuth (Multijob Script)


An Immersive Multijob Script with Admin/Boss Control


Demo Version 5 USD Requires
YouTube 1.0.1 Tebex (Buy) QBCore

Uses FiveM escrow
90%+ of the code is accessible.


  • Updated 6/2/22: Now supports qb-management. You can turn this on/off in the Config file. When a boss hires/fires/promotes someone, it will automatically handle their authorization as well.


Admin or Boss control

Admins can create new jobauth points as well as authorize and unauthorize players from obtaining certain jobs. You can set which admin rank can use this within the config.lua

Job Bosses can also authorize/unauthorize players at will. This allows bosses to control who can come and go as they please.

Grade Authorization

You can authorize players to acquire the job at a specific grade level. For example, you can authorize police officers to obtain the rank of “Sergeant” by setting their job authorization to police and 2.

Anyone with a grade authorization will reobtain the job at the highest authorized grade.

Optional qb-management Integration

Set Config.useManagement to true if you want authorizations to be handled automatically by job bosses when they hire/fire or promote someone.


/jobauth new/allow/deny/list id job grade(default 0)

This command allows bosses and admins to authorize the job.


Config.newPoint = 'god'
Minimum rank needed to add new jobauth points

Config.adminCommand = 'admin'
Minimum rank needed to use /jobauth without being a boss

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Uses Escrow Yes
Code Accessible All except 1 file
Subscription No
Updates Lifetime
Support Via Discord
Lines of Code About 900
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would there still be a possibility to get the one with boss menu intergration even tho that would make everyone hired have authorization?

I can include it as an optional thing. Give me a few to see if I can figure it out. Should just be a simple hook!

Added, tested and working! I also fixed a couple of critical bugs thanks to your suggestion :slight_smile:

Enjoy! Updated file is now on Keymaster.

Amazing script! 10/10 <3

So many losers trying to charge an arm and a leg for a multijob script that only half works.
With this however, it ensures your players can at any point sign in and out of a whitelisted job OR any other job as well! Works right out of the box too! Also since its a specific location that you can set, it avoid abuse that comes with multijob scripts!

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