[QB/ESX] TunerChip V2 (Many features) | Lambra

I come to write a review with gratitude. There is no doubt that this resource is perfect. In my opinion, this plugin is worth 30 euros. Delbes went out of his way to teach me how to use it. I am very grateful to him.

New Update
Added: Now you can set multiple jobs per chip;

Thank you for the fast responsive support, and the amazing script

New Update
Changed: Improved the audio system when going at high speeds;
Fixed: Chopped sounds at high speeds when other players are still;
Changed: Cleaned some unused code;

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I cant connect on the discord everytime comes oh a issue. I need support cause everytime comes no export for progressbar and idk why.

Ok i fixed it but now i have the problem i didnt see the flames

Have had this script for awhile, very cheap but great work on it. Very customizable and unique. I recommend getting this for your server.

New Update
Fixed: Flames/Pops would remain active when you turned off engine and leave the vehicle;
Changed: Removed unused code;

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Item : Tuner Chip V2
Price : 12$ ~
Comment : Nice script, I wish it had an open source version so I can edit myself some things but nice script, nice support and he fixed 2 of my server problems (absolutely not about his script).
I’d recommand.

New Update

Added: Command to mute pops sound;

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Really great seller. If there is a problem, he solves it very quickly. and as I gave the idea, he did it in 10 minutes, you won’t see it anywhere else. I really recommend it.

New Update
Added: Config option to enable/disable downshift flames;
Added: Your now able to change the time that the downshift flames will be on;

ive tried many many tuner chips, anti-lag what ever you want to call it and none i mean none comes even close to lambra i may be late on board the train but at least im hear and extremely happy to be a part of the tuner chip owners club

How do I use it

great script. great support team

Hello, i bought the script but he make the car have an imaginable speed i bought it just for the backfire

Hi, for support open a ticket.