[QB/ESX/Standalone] FxDev Tesla 5.0

Hey! Im currently starting to work on a 4.0 version and i need some ideas on new features, so if you have any idea or feedback hit me up on discord: “fxdev.” Im here to hear it :heart:

Hey thanks for working hard !
So i would like to see in the V4 :

• Possibility of modifying the trigger used for legacyfuel or fuel script.
• The possibility of changing the recharging time at the station.
• The possibility of changing the size or the blips as well as the color.
• Add a support for esx or advanced parking, because after a restart the vehicle is locked and cannot be unlocked.
• Create a export to trigger the function to open the management menu and the possibility of deactivating the key which is linked to this function.
• Change the max speed of the auto pilot.
• Add the ability to make an external key system compatible with the script.
• Create a locale to change the language used in the menu.

Hi! Thanks for your Feedback, i will try to include most of the stuff in the V4 Update which will be coming out soon. <3

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Update 4.0 Released
• Fully customizable battery code (charging/batt.lua)
• You can change how fast the vehicle charges now
• You can fully customize blips
• Export for opening menu added, you can also disable the menu key


• You can now change the Autopilot Maximal and Minimal speed
• Added Locales (locales/locales.lua)

Coming Soon
• ESX Support

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Thanks for the quick feedback and update !

I’m going to take the time to test version 4.0 and I’ll come back to you with complete feedback.
Can’t wait to see the compatible script with ESX.

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Hope you will be happy with the new version. If you run into any problems hit me up

I will work on the ESX compatibilation very soon :smile:

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Update 4.1 Released
• Added ESX Framework and notification support!
• Fixed minor bugs with locales

Update 5.0 Released
• Fixed minor bugs
• Reworked Charging (You know physically take the charger and plug in to car!)
• Reworked Automatic Parking (Vehicle is parking on the side where the charge port is)
• New Menu (Using ox_lib)
This update took longer than others but i think the reworked charging is insane :smiley:

Patch 5.1 Released
• Fixed charging (Sorry my fault i left a trigger for ox_target in the code and completely forgot about it)

Patch 5.2 Released
• Fixed Connection to Vehicle (It worked but it caused massive performance issues when you were sitting in tesla which isnt yours)

Update Released
• Minor changes

Loads of Issues with this mate

Hello! Im sorry for the problem you have, mine runs normaly. Could you please contact me through our discord server?

Update Released
• Fixed error with ox_lib (Menu couldnt be displayed when using Standalone)

Fixed :heart:

Thanks for contacting me

Update Released
• Fixed notification not showing up (When autopilot max speed reached)